Survey design and planning

The first and important stage of any geophysical project is the survey design. It includes:
  • Detailed analysis of the formulated geological problem
  • Selection of the optimal methods, techniques and equipment
  • Selection of the optimal survey parameters
  • Reconnaisance of the survey area
  • Communications with local authorities and licensing
  • Transportation of the equipment and personnel to the field
  • Field camp installation
  • Providing the infrastructure

Problem analysis and survey optimization

Once the geological problem is formulated by the customer we search for the optimal geophysical method (complex of methods) and equipment to solve it most efficiently. Optimal survey parameters (observation grid, frequency range, etc.) are selected on the base of the problem analysis and reconnaissance of the survey area.

Equipment and staff transportation

The transportation planning is performed depending on transport infrastructure of the survey area. A variety of vehicles (from aircrafts and helicopters to ski-doo) could be utilized for equipment and personnel transportation to and within the area.

Infrastructure in the field

Installation of the field camp with all necessary infrastructure, including satellite-based Internet communications allows to work efficiently in any weather conditions and always be in connection with the headquarters.


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