Data analysis and interpretation

The NORD-WEST's interpreting group has a vast experience of various kind of EM data (MT, CSEM, TEM, DC resistivity and IP) interpretation. We apply different up-to-date approaches for the data analysis and interpretation.

Typical EM data interpretation scenery:

Preparation of the data for interpretation

Visualization and correction of the observed data.

Qualitative analysis

  • Revealing of the anomalies;
  • Determination of the geoelectrical model dimensionality;
  • Analysis of the data distortions.

Quantitative interpretation

  • Manual and/or automated inversion;
  • 1D and 2D forward modeling and inversion;
  • Model reliability and stability is verified using 3D-modeling;
  • Visualization of the geoelectrical model in form of cross-sections, maps and volumetric (3D) images.

Geological interpretation

Interpretation of the reconstructed geoelectrical model is performed in terms of geological structure, lithological composition and hydrogeological regime.

Advanced Russian and foreign software is used in data processing and interpretation. For example, WingGLink software (Geosystem, Italy), is used for MT data interpretation. Together with these programs, we utilize the software package developed by specialists of our company in co-operation with the MSU's geophysical department. The software is consistent with the measurement equipment. The employed instrumentation and software enables obtaining high quality input data and performing their 1D, 2D and 3D interpretation.


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