Nord-West owns and operates cutting-edge electromagnetic surveying instrumentation, both Russian-made and purchased from abroad. Since 2000 we have collaborated with the world's leader in magnetotelluric instrumentation Phoenix Geophysics (Canada). Nord-West is the official trade representative of Phoenix Geophysics in Russia and CIS. At present our company operates more than 50 Phoenix instruments in addition to its own designed and produced instrumentation. Our extensive pool of modern instruments makes it possible to provide unique electromagnetic imagine services in terms of volume and quality.

Since 2005 Nord-West Ltd. is exclusive representative of Iris Instruments (France) - world's leader manufacturer of resistivity imaging units.

Among our company's priorities is the design and manufacturing of geophysical instruments.

In 1998 multifunction electrical prospecting instrument called "MARY" (Russian abbreviation) was our first immersion into instrumentation production. It preserved the national traditions of equipment-making with our wealth of practical experience and the latest achievements of microelectronics. The resulting unit quickly turned into a must-have meter among Russian geophysical industry. As of now, we are manufacturing "MARY-24", the 4th generation of MARY receivers.

In 2002 the Nord-West launched the production of our first "Astra-100" generator. Astra is an transmitter for CSEM as well as for DC and IP methods. The 3d generation of "Astra-100" generators went into serial production from 2005, with output voltage increased up to 400 Volts. We are aiming at building yet a more powerful generator in the nearest future.

Our most recent instrumentation product is an 8-channels receiver "IMVP-8" developed for frequency- and time-domain inducted polarization (IP) measurements. It can also be used for all kind of DC techniques as well as for FD CSEM.




Along with the in-house developed instruments, our company also trades in geophysical instruments produced by other manufacturers. Besides the production of "Phoenix Geophysics Ltd." (Canada) and Iris Instruments (France), we also offer our clients these electromagnetic prospecting instruments and equipment: systems "TEM-FAST" (Russia-Holland) and "Cycle-5" (Russia), generator "VP-1000" (Russia), various electrodes including nonpolarizable, conductors, reels, etc.


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