Phoenix Geophysics Ltd.

Nord-West was among the first ones in Russia to purchase a package of surveying instruments from the Canada's Phoenix Geophysics Ltd. By now we act as a dealer for "Phoenix Geophysics Ltd." for Russia and the CIS.

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The equipment let out by the company includes:

  • A wide set of transmitters of a current, from low-power portable up to superpowerful mobile-200 the kW, working in a wide frequencies (times) range;
  • Various kinds of registrars EM signals, one, and multichannel;
  • Electroprospecting systems in the complete set;
  • Highsensitive stable gauges electric and magnetic fields;
  • Auxiliaries for field electroprospecting works;
  • The software for processing and interpretations of electroprospecting data.

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The equipment and services of the company are exported more, than to 75 countries of the world. The field division of the company has an operational experience on all continents, in all climatic and temperature conditions. Practice of works of this division allows the company to improve constantly consumer properties of the equipment, quickly reacting on inquiries of branch.

The Phoenix is the recognized authority on development of technologies MTC, AMTC, пїЅSпїЅпїЅпїЅ, IP (all modifications), FS, etc. In the beginning of 80th years the company has let out the first (in the world) пїЅпїЅ-system realizing interference suppression technology MTC (with the removed reference point) and leading processing of signals in a mode of real time, the Phoenix is the conclusive leader in the field of MT-technologies, borrows the order of 80 % of the world market in this area.

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In 1996 the Phoenix has developed the multipurpose equipment of 5-th generation (SSMT V5-2000). This equipment has made the revolution in the electroprospecting methods using variable electromagnetic fields and, first of all in MT-method, owing to the accuracy, productivity, mobility, noise immunity, a level of automation. Owing to this system, пїЅпїЅпїЅ, CSAпїЅпїЅ, FS became a daily reality.

Engineers and geophysics of the company will pick up individually the most comprehensible complete set of the equipment, will train in its application and will give the detailed description and a methodical management in language of the customer. At will of the customer the Phoenix can develop and make the system satisfying to individual technical requirements of the customer.

The company the Phoenix settles down in east parts (Scarborough) of the biggest city of Canada Toronto, capital of a province of Ontario, the industrial, cultural and tourist center of the country, the center of not seismic geophysical instrument making of Northern America, capital of the mining industry of the world.

PHOENIX Geophysics Limited 3781 Victoria Park Avenue, Unit 3 Toronto, Ontario, Canada M1W 3K5


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