GIS projects

- You have an archive?
- You have a warehouse of materials, collected during years of work of your organisation?
- You have something, but you do not know, what is it, whence is it and what with you should do with it?


Usually “ALL IT” looks so:

It is necessary for you to find and consider materials on a deposit, region, basin …

At the best it will be set of the data in a different formats on different carriers. At worst – different scale and quality paper reports, maps, schemes, profiles.

The decision is geologically and geophysical competent GIS-PROJECT, created in ArcGIS 9.3 software of ESRI company

GIS is a universal tool for the decision of almost any problems. GIS is necessary for the 21st century geologists and geophysicists.

GIS is a live geologic and geophysical fund and library on your computer.


GIS – the universal tool for studying of any objects and the data:

  • Regional geological provinces and basins.
  • Geological object or group of objects of a local order.
  • Combination of the small-scale regional and detailed local data in one project.
  • It is necessary to remember that ArcGIS is a universal cartographical system which is not a substitute of geophysical, geochemical and other modelling programs.
  • Nevertheless, GIS allows to unite and visualize data and results of any software products.


Using GIS gives you conclusive advantages:

  • Relieve of archives which take a lot of place and are “dust collectors”.
  • Relieve of the superfluous personnel responsible for gathering and storage data.
  • Convenience at work with any kinds of spatial materials.
  • Speed of access, searching, viewing, processing and the analysis different-scaled the data.
  • Presentation and imposing appearance of all materials.
  • Operative creation of an evident drawing and cartography for reports, articles, presentations.
  • The GIS-PROJECT structure is optimized for convenient and fast work with any type and complexity data.


GIS - universal system with set of functionality:

  • Formation of any combinations of layers.
  • Viewing through layers that simplifies visual correlation.
  • "Combination" of any thematic map with a structural surface.
  • 3D visualisation of any objects and data.
  • One mouse-click to receive characteristics of any layers in any point.
  • Carry out mathematical and statistical calculations with any data loaded in GIS.
  • Addition and updating of any data loaded in GIS.
  • Loading of your personal any order and complexity data.


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