Oil and Gas exploration

MT studies in Bulgaria

Early in 2004 the Nord-West carried out the array MT sounding in the North-West Bulgaria to study the lower-carbonaceous sediments

Western Kazakhstan

In 2007 Nord-West carried out a 3D MT survey in the southern part of Precaspian depression to image a single salt-dome structure


The MT in the Precaspian depression (Akhtubinsk–Astrakhan line) was applied in complex salt-dome tectonic settings. It allowed the subsalt imaging and revealed some anomalies, promising of hydrocarbons

Altatino-Nikolskaya area

In 2005 Nord-West carried out a 3D MT survey at the northern boundary of Precaspian depression (Saratov region) to study salt-dome structures and the subsalt strata

IP studies in Tyman-Pechora

3D IP survey has been carried out at the Severo-Yugidsk area (Republik of Komi, Russia). The IP anomalies are controlled by hydro-carbon deposits, which are producing secondary changes above themselves

Romashkinskoe oil field

MT profiling survey crossing Tatar Arch was carried out in 2004. MT has been applied for the investigations of the deep geological structure beneath the Romashkinskoe oil field (Republic of Tatarstan, Russia)

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