Norilsk Ore Region

During 2005 -2008 Nord-West has carried out several IP and AMT surveys targeting at sulphide copper-nickel ore exploration in Norilsk area. Induced Polarization data have been collected using Gradient Array with source dipole length of 2to 3 km and receiver dipole length of 100 m. Also, some AMT observations have been done in synchronized remote reference station mode.

In 2005 IP and AMT survey was carried out at the Chernogorsk deposit of sulphide platinum-copper-nickel ore in the Noril'sk ore-bearing region. The IP studies used gradient array with the 2-3 km long source dipole and the distance between potential electrodes of about 100 m. The AMT stations were collected in a remote reference mode.

IP measurements were performed with multichannel IP-meter IMVP-8, while "Astra-100" (100 W) and UCS-02M (25 W) transmitters were used for current in a source dipole. AMT measurements were performed using MTU-5A instruments by Phoenix Geophysics (Canada).

The purpose of the study was to image the electrical structure of the bottom part of a deep intrusion, which was expected to be associated with the sulphide ore mineralization. Main targets were the regions of increased conductivity at about 1 km in depth in the presence of highly conductive sediments.


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