Geothermal resource explorations

The first in the world experience in geothermal energy utilization was acquired in Larderello-Travale region in Italy. In 1904 prince Piero Conti had carried out the first experiment on the geothermal fluids use for electric power generation. Steam engine had driven the dynamo feeding five electric bulbs.

Nowadays about 10% of a total energy yielded by geothermal power plants in the world is produced here.

Nord-West has accumulated a worldwide experience of geothermal exploration, participating in several geothermal prospecting surveys over the past decade.

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In Russia the major geothermal power plant providing commercial-scale power production is Mutnovskaya GeoThermal Power Plant. This geothermal power plant is considered a one of the world best plants as to ecology and automatization of the production process. Power output of this plant is 50 MW.

Mutnovskaya GeoThermal Power Plant was erected in the region of Mutnovsky volcano close to the Verkhne-Mutnovskaya GeoThermal Power Plant raised earlier. Power output of Verkhne-Mutnovskaya plant is 12 MW.


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