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"IMVP-8" is designed for different geophysical tasks such as apparent resistivity or induced polarization measurements in frequency or time domains. It also can be used for differentially-normalized geoelectrical method.


"IMVP-8" receiver allows recording signals on 8 potential channels at once. The receiver is always contolled by a PC via USB iterface. It has 8 independent ADC's, so it may be applied for using with a wide range of geoelectrical non-conventional arrays, e.g. an array with 8 potential lines sequently connected to each other.


This multi-channel receiver "IMVP-8" allows to increase labour productivity of the induced polarization method, and finally decreases prime cost of the research works. 24-digit ADC's and 2500Hz sample rate allow application of a wide range of algorithms for studying time-frequency characteristics of the process. This unit is modern, portable, easy-to-use. It simplifies data aquision process and shows good field results due to its high accuracy.


Number of channels8
ADC24-digit, 2500Hz
Input cascade resistance> 5 MΩ
Frequency rangeFrom 0,001 up to 200 Hz
Frequency shift≤ 10-5 Hz
Frequency drift≤ 5·10-6 Hz
Max. input voltage+2,5 V
Self-noise< 2 uV
I/OUSB 1.1
Power supply voltageV 12,6+2
Temperature rangeFrom -15 °С up to 40°С
Weight350 g
Size190х150х60 mm

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